Meet the Colorado Lenders Mortgage Team

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Robert Dixon, Loan Officer

With over eight years in the Mortgage Industry, Robert takes mortgage lending a step further to ensure his clients receive the best mortgage product and planning available.

By focusing a substantial amount of time on industry nuances and opportunities to benefit the client, Robert often discovers ways to save money and solve complex problems. He is grateful for the opportunity to advise buyers and home owners to make the right mortgage decision. 
License number: 949403 NAMB Certification

Kolleen Campbell, Sr. Mortgage Processor

Nothing gets by Kolleen. Her 25+ years of experience in the mortgage industry brings consistency and the skill of thinking like an underwriter. As files enter the critical stage nearing the expiration of the purchase contract, Kolleen ensures that every transaction moves forward on time and with impeccable communication.

Kolleen is a very experienced individual who can be relied upon during the most important decision-making moments.

Michael, Technical and Marketing Specialist

Michael is a technical wizard who specializes in the integration of technology into the mortgage process. He has on many occasions fine tuned our mortgage process to become quicker, safer, and more reliable.

In addition, Michael maintains close relationships with our 45+ banks ensuring an up-to-date list of products, quick responses to hard questions, and often speeds up the loan process for our files – He is a true asset to the team!

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