The Colorado Real Estate market is booming!

No matter what city you’re in, either a ton of homes are for sale, or everyone is fighting over just a few homes. This means a couple of different things. First, in the cities where everything is for sale, you can probably count on prices being at a higher level than before (that is why everyone is selling) and you may have a pick of quite a few properties. In the cities where very few homes are for sale, you can count on over-inflated prices and multiple offers on each and every property (except, of course, properties with serious problems.)

At Colorado Lenders, Inc., we are very aware of the difficulties and are prepared to work with buyers to overcome these obstacles. This means pre-approving customers to the degree possible before they go out house hunting. It also means being prepared to increase loan amounts and make adjustments to seller credits as inspections are completed.

A final comment toward the Colorado Real Estate market is that many of our clients who have invested in a home to live or rent out have enjoyed growing home values throughout the process. In fact, most all of our buyers after 6 months have accumulated between 5-20% on their home values. The statement is not guaranteed but the fact remains that home buyers around Colorado have enjoyed appreciation along with their home purchases.

If you would like top-notch personal service or are unhappy with your current lender, feel free to call or email and we will respond promptly.