The Colorado Housing Market

Today’s Colorado housing market is scarce and overpriced. That does not mean there is no opportunity for buyers. In fact, one may argue, there is more opportunity in today’s market than there has been for many years. The Colorado market is strong and prices continue to soar. Rents and appreciation are high and mortgage rates remain historically low. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities in Colorado.

There are also, however, hurdles to overcome. It is very difficult to find and home and once you find the right home, you often have to contend with multiple offers. Buyers may have to overbid the listed selling price by several thousands of dollars. Finding a Realtor is not hard but finding an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor can be difficult.

We help buyers solve problems. Here is a brief outline of the steps to follow when buying a home.

1) Gathering up loan documents and obtaining pre-approval letter from your local lender.

2) Searching for your new home via the MLS (with your Realtor)

3) Placing an offer and getting the home under contract.

4) Ordering the inspection, appraisal, title and providing your lender with the necessary paperwork.

5) Finish up with your loan and setting the closing date and time.

6) The loan closes and you can now move into your new home!

Once you have completed these above steps, most clients may need to find a handyman or two for fixes in the house. A good Realtor will have access to reasonable and responsible people who can help repair and update your new home after the closing.

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